How to Apply for RDP House – Application For RDP

RDP houses are part of the National Housing Subsidy Scheme offered by the Department of Human Settlements. Here’s a breakdown of the application process and eligibility requirements:

Who Qualifies

  • Citizenship: You must be a South African citizen.
  • Age: Over 21 years old and mentally capable of signing a contract.
  • Income: Must earn less than R3,500 per month per household.
  • Home Ownership: Be a first-time homeowner and recipient of a government housing subsidy.
  • Family Structure: Married or living with a partner, or single with dependents (children, or in some cases, even elderly parents). Single military veterans can also qualify.

Application Process

  1. Contact Local Authorities: Visit your provincial housing department or municipal office. You can find contact information for Gauteng province here: Apply for RDP housing subsidy – Gauteng Provincial Government: [invalid URL removed].

  2. Required Documents: Bring the necessary documents, which typically include:

    • ID documents for yourself and your spouse/partner (if applicable)
    • Proof of income (payslip)
    • Certified copies of children’s birth certificates (if applicable)

Additional Notes

  • The application process can vary slightly depending on your province.
  • There can be waiting lists for RDP housing, so patience is necessary.

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